Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our chronic wound adventure started in 1996 is continuously going on. While we are organizing annual National Wound Congresses every year, on the other side we are trying to create the solutions to a crucial health problem chronic wound with health professionals by organizing wound care courses on different regions of our country.

13 years passed over the first Wound Congress held in 2006. Now with your support, we are planning to organize our 14th National Wound Congress in a venue well known by you, Gloria Hotel Antalya from 12th to 15th December 2019.

We are extremely aware of that with industry 4.0’s impression on health, we may meet with novel diagnose and treatment methods in near future and without any doubt artificial intelligence, 3D applications, Big Data and similar new concepts will open new horizons in chronic wound like in all aspects of health.

We believe that our congress in which rational solutions to diabetic foot ulcers and vascular diseases that are some of the leading chronic health issues in our country like the whole world, will attract the attention of all health professionals interested in wound care.

Nowadays personalized treatments step forward in chronic wound like in all diseases. It’s obvious that listening the current developments of this subject from its experts will contribute much to our daily practice.

We will be honored to see all precious members of chronic wound family whose number has raised to 700 with the new members, in 14th National Wound Congress.

Best regards,

Professor of Surgery
President of 14th National Wound Congress